Denise Bowens is a lifelong resident of East Texas and has been a member of Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Longview, Texas since 1997. Denise has served as the ministry leader for Celebrate Recovery at Woodland Hills since 2010 and during that time she also served 3 years as a state rep. Denise is also involved serving local homeless shelters and rehab facilities in her community. Her passion for missions has led her to also serve in foreign mission projects in Africa, Mexico and Haiti.

Denise shares from a heart of passion for Jesus Christ and a love for His people.  Her desire is for every person to know they are valuable, that their sin has been paid for, and that Jesus wants them to accept Him as Savior and give them a purpose. In her ministry role in both the church and community, Denise takes the Bible and its truths and brings it to life so others will have a thirst to chase after Jesus. You will be blessed by her God-given ability to explain biblical truths in such a down-to-earth fashion that leaves the listener with hope and encouragement.

My Purpose Statement

I am a Christian Communicator who is passionate about teaching God’s Word with excitement! My purpose is to serve,love and encourage women who feel lost and unusable so they can live a life of purpose and freedom through Jesus Christ.

My Beliefs

I believe that I am a sinner saved by grace! After many years of being angry and blaming God for the biggest tragedy in my life, I later came to understand the true love of Christ. Before I surrendered completely to The Lord,I coped with my anger, fears and feelings of failure by using drugs and alcohol. I thought I had sinned too much for Christ to love me! I was wrong,hallelujah! I believe The Word of God to be true without error. I believe that God sent His Son, Jesus to die for me and you! One Sunday morning The Holy Spirit drew me to Him and I answered. I have a personal relationship with Christ and believe that is the only true way to spend eternity in Heaven. I know Jesus and He knows me! I know I am still a sinner and I strive to represent Him well, but I am not, nor will I be perfect. I have a passion for His Word and love to teach His Truths with excitement so that others will want to dive in and know Him more!